Fibocom Launches Intel® XMM™ 8160 Powered Global 5G ModuleShenzhen China; Barcelona Spain – February 25 2019 FIBOCOM Wireless (SHE:300638) unveils Intel powered 5G module for the global vertical markets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. FG100 the first of Fibocom’s 5G family modules with Intel® XMM™ 8160 5G modem offers a “One World One SKU” solution to enable 5G globally with a standardized M.2 form factor.   FG100 is a multi-mode 5G module that includes EN-DC (LTE+5G) 5GNR-FDD/TDD LTE-FDD/TDD and 3G WCDMA supports 5G Sub-6 GHz internally and mmW through external antenna module. It allows blazing download speed of up 6Gbps on mmW and 4Gbps on Sub-6 GHz. The improved and uniform data rates in bandwidth enables cloud-connected immersive experience of mobile broadband such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.    “We at Fibocom are proud to present our first 5G module based on Intel’s XMM™ 8160 5G modem. 5G allows for enhanced experience in speed and capacity with ultra-low latency” says Tiger Ying CEO Fibocom. “Building upon our established M.2 modules portfolio with Intel modems our FG100 enables our customers the natural migration with easy integration from 4G to 5G.”  FG100’s One-World-One-SKU multi-mode global band support compliant to both NSA and SA networks offering a similar architecture and identical interface to its 4G predecessor commercially available L860 with Intel® XMM™ 7560 Gigabit LTE modem.  Both offer PCIe interface (Gen4 for FG100) MIPI and GPIO antenna ports standard M.2 form factor with global bands to allow for a 5G ready platform on the proven 4G LTE network significantly improving time to market on 5G vertical solutions such as computing devices fixed wireless access and gateways.  To enable fast adoption of 5G in the vertical markets Intel and Fibocom have collaborated on a prototype Thunderbolt 3 adapter being demonstrated in the Intel booth at MWC.  This adapter enables Windows-based devices with Thunderbolt 3 ports to have easy cellular connectivity on the go. Initially designed with the Intel® XMM™ 7560 Gigabit LTE modem the adapter can be upgraded to the Intel® XMM™ 8160 5G modem when available. A 5G Thunderbolt 3 adapter will deliver on the promise of plug and play broadband connectivity on the go and requires no external power since it derives power from the host platform.  “5G’s revolutionary aspect is in its ability to connect all types of devices and become more than just a speed bump for faster phones” says Chenwei Yan VP & GM Intel’s Connected Products and Programs.  “Fibocom’s FG100 will help the industry scale 5G to multiple market segments including PC’s gateways IOT devices and vehicles to deliver experiences that benefit from lower latency expanded capacity and enhanced broadband speeds.” Partners including D-Link Gemtek and VVDN will deliver gateway platforms using the Fibocom L860 gigabit LTE M.2 module with plans to upgrade to the FG100 5G M.2 module when available. With its standardized interface and seamless upgradability the transition from 4G to 5G is an easy upgrade for customers and allows them to leverage the investment in their 4G platforms.  Our partners share the following comments: D-Link“This partnership will bring 5G into the home. Our residential gateways will enable Smart Homes to fulfill their promise of always-on connectivity of every consumer device while unleashing a new generation of online immersion and entertainment in the home defined by seamless Augmented Reality that is lag-free and 4K/8K gaming video and Virtual Reality with a high frame-rate” says G.K. Lee VP D-Link. Gemtek“Fibocom’s 4G and 5G modules with Intel XMM modem inside provide a clear and achievable path from 4G to 5G evolution. We are glad to cooperate with Fibocom and Intel to create 5G ready solutions to our customers” says Fred Yeh CTO Gemtek. VVDN“We are excited to be a part of the eco-system to bring 5G into action. The teaming up of Fibocom Intel and VVDN will empower the first wave of 5G based gateway solution. The 5G IoT Gateway will capture the interest and imagination of OEMs who are looking for expanded capacity enhanced speeds and low latency” says Vivek Bansal President Engineering VVDN Technologies. FG100 will be available to sample this year with commercial availability in 2020. For more information regarding Fibocom’s product offerings please contact market@fibocom.com or visit our booth at MWC Barcelona 2019 Hall 1 1E21.  About FibocomFibocom Wireless INC. (SHE:300638) is a leading global provider of wireless modules for the Internet of Things (IoT).  We provide cellular communications modules of 5G LTE NB-IOT eMTC HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS solutions that enable secure IoT applications globally across many verticals.  For over 20 years we have been delivering a trusted and secure environment in telematics wireless retail systems metering and smart grids security systems routers and gateways digital signage and mobile internet. Our global sales channel logistics manufacturing and support allow enterprises to simplify operations increase efficiency and create new business models. Headquartered Shenzhen China our global office locations include Germany India Taiwan and the United States. 
Fibocom leads the industrial partners to release “GTI 5G s-Module White Paper” at 23rd GTI workshopAt the 23rd GTI workshop in Vancouver China Mobile Softbank Sprint and Fibocom jointly cooperated with 28 global terminal industrial partners and released the “GTI 5G S-Module White Paper” This document focused on the technical solution of industry demand analysis and initially proposed concept of "5G Basic Type" s-module "5G Smart Type" s-module and "all-in-one Type" s-module. It defined basic functional requirements hardware technical requirements electrical interface technical requirements test and certification scheme of 5G s-module. It aimed to make direction of 5G s-module industry chain and accelerate the development of research. Operators led lots of industrial top companies including Fibocom to write the White Paper. Also Fibocom’s VP of Business Development Amy had a speech for 5G s-module in research and application. She said “with 5G promising ultra speed high capacity and low latency it also brought along challenges to deliver the advertised expectations.” For example coverage to global frequency band adequate antenna platform and transmission speed. Fibocom gave specific solutions according these elements. In order to offer worldwide modules and cover the global market Fibocom provided PCIe interface to satisfy high transmission rates in various scenes. It uses innovative design to battle the noise front. The module also supports frequency bands from 4G LTE to 5G New Radio covering most of the anticipated 5G global carriers.  Meanwhile Fibocom showed the 5G s-module cycle schedule with device prototype coming next Feb friendly user trial devices towards Nov 2019 to pave the path for 5G commercialization in 2020.
Enjoy digital life Fibocom participates IDEE in 2018Shijiazhuang kicked off the IDEE at Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition centre on 20 Sep. 2018. With the development of digital technology Chinese economy gains new viability and diversity such as mobile payment bike-sharing new retail internet plus and so on. The innovative business of every industry witnesses the boom of digital economy. At this exhibition Fibocom shown the key role of wireless communication modules in providing interactive channel for information in 3 aspects digital home digital city and digital business. Fibocom ITE series features for its fast transmission speed global network supported and so on. It's widely applied in industrial gateway meter concentrator smart POS machine etc.  Speaking of Fibocom LPWA series it performs excellently in intelligent fire extinguishing system and other intelligent terminal industry for its low-power consumption and tiny size.    The high integration of intelligent modules satisfy everything differentiated scenario and save clients' development cost with its various expansion interfaces. These advantages win Fibocom reputation from areas such as smart cash register intelligent interactive robot mobile unit HD Ad terminal and others.Digital economy is first written in government report of Prime minister Keqiang Li in 2017. The boom of domestic digital economy makes China becoming the centre of global digital economy revolution. Wireless communication as the most important part of digital infomatisation and internet is experiencing a change. It brings us the IoT transformation under 5G rich innovative technology and mature digital economy. 
Fibocom Joins the GSMA to Usher in the New Era of Internet of Things (IoT)Fibocom formally joins the GSMA and cooperates with operators and partners worldwide in vertical industries to promote global connectivity and the advancement of the mobile service industry. It also allows the company to work with other and create opportunities for the mobile communication industry and shape an intelligent mobile future.Fibocom’s Certificate of GSMA MembershipAs a global leading provider of wireless communication modules and solutions Fibocom always commits itself to offering customers perfect wireless experience. Experience the technological innovation from 2G era to 4G era Fibocom leaped from a start-up to a leading listed company in the industry and it has established a foothold in the industry for 19 years. The industry is fast moving into the 5G era Fibocom in together with its partners in the GSMA will plan the industrial applications of 5G launch a innovation and build an always-connected smart life to change the lifestyle of humans and industry structures.Gregory Geodjenian Director of Membership for the GSMAissues Fibocom with the Certificate of GSMA MembershipFibocom offers wireless communication products and solutions that fully cover LTE NB-IoT eMTC WCDMA/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS. It has consistent and excellent performance in the applications of IoT terminals including mobile payment always-connected PC Internet of vehicles security monitoring and smart metering. The advanced research result and service allow Fibocom winning high reputation from global clients.  With the dawn of the 5G era data transmission will bring the faster speed and wireless communication modules will be presented with more industrial applications. By joining the GSMA Fibocom will actively participate in working group projects attend world-class industrial conferences carry out works according to the industry's vision and plan of sustainable development exchange and share advanced technological achievements with others. The company will also devote itself to promoting the future network development and create more possibilities of wireless application for the customers in vertical industries in the mobile ecosystem.GSMA:GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem including mobile phone and device makers software companies equipment providers and Internet companies as well as organizations in adjacent industry sectors. GSMA also holds industry-leading events such as Mobile World Congress Mobile World Congress Shanghai and Mobile World Congress Americas.
Fibocom Will Propel the Advancement of 5G as the Task Leader of the GTI 5G S-Module InitiativeThe GTI Summit with the theme of “5G+AI Go Intelligent and Connected” is held in Shanghai on 27 June. Influential industry leaders attended the summit and shared new opportunities and new values of 5G. Mr. Ying Fibocom CEO and operators including China Mobile Sprint and other industrial partners announced the formal launch of “GTI 5G S-Module Initiative”. Fibocom who has the honor of being a participant of the launch will promote research and development of the 5G S-Module and accelerates the integration between 5G and industries. According to the “GTI 5G S-Module Initiative” the first-batch of 5G S-Module products and 5G industry terminals are expected to be launched in early 2019 and the second half of 2019 respectively. It also plan to launch the “Research Report on the Demand of 5G Vertical Industry Terminals” and “5G S-Module White Paper” by stage. Moreover collaborating with others in industrial analysis industrial application explore technical research product innovation business incubator application promotion for healthy development and integrating innovation is involved in the initiative.  Mr. Zhu VP of Fibocom Inc. expressed the understanding of 5G S-Modules plan from Fibocom at the 22nd GTI seminar on 26 June. He said “the demand for data transmission in the Internet of Things industry will show rapid growth in 5G era. Meanwhile 5G S-Modules can be applied to terminal products in various application scenarios simplifying the design process of terminal products reducing product costs accelerating the maturity of the industry and fully promoting the realization of 5G commercialization value. ”With faster transmission higher capacity and lower network lag 5G will play a vital role in diversified and differentiated services including UHD 8K video cloud office AR VR/gaming livestream drones remote diagnosis. Namely 5G not only simply improves communication quality but also brings a new lifestyle of Internet of Things and a fully-connected digital society.Fibocom is looking forward to the changes affected by 5G. As a global leading wireless module supplier who committed to offering perfect wireless experience to customers Fibocom promotes tasks under GTI and will lead industrial partners to keep ahead and expect to a fully-connected digital life.
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